DOJ - Peruvian Jungle

      "I used your Überfire in the wet jungle of Peru last month and it worked like a charm. We let it burn for 15 minutes and it still was going strong when we put it out. It still had over half the fuel left in can. I'm sure we could use it to start at least 2 more fires.
We had trouble with multiple tinders (not yours) because they would extinguish before the small wet kindling ignited. I'm glad I purchased two off of you.
1. For training and testing in Jungle environment
2. For an emergency fire need for myself or my students.
I plan to purchase more soon to use in our upcoming jungle training in Panama and to show to our other students.
Appreciate your hard work in developing this outstanding product.
I will spread the word to our other interagency partners."

Joe C.
Department of Justice (DOJ) Personnel Recovery (PR)
Washington D.C.

SERE - Training 

      "It wasn't until this winter, January survival trip to be specific, that I decided to try it out. Ambient temperatures were -18, and I made the most difficult fire for winter conditions; the dry fire. Or as we call it in the SERE community: squaw wood firecraft. 

I used completely wet dead limbs from the lower third of live trees as fuel, a wet platform and brace, then sparked up. Not only did it remain hot enough to burn the wood, I found it difficult to put the fire out!! As far as an emergency survival product amazing!

With all said, it was an awesome, reliable tinder and recommended it to all my fellow field instructors! Thanks again!


SERE Specialist, CPFD"

Emergency Planning and Fire Rescue Services

​      "Überfire is the gear advancement we, the like minded individuals are all ready for. Yes, the opportunity to obtain 30 different Ferro rods and 100 different fire accelerants presents itself at almost every corner store, but Überfire is far from that. Überfire gives its operator the ability to start, accelerate, and maintain fire in the harshest of conditions. I have been personally using Überfire for the past 6 months in some of Canada’s most moral beating environments and Überfire has yet to let myself or my students down. From avid cross country skiers to weekend snowmobile enthusiasts, Überfire will ensure its operator has the ability to start and maintain fire. Überfire’s small size allows making it apart of every kit effortless and fool proof. Thanks Dale for recreating the Flame!"


Emergency Planning and Fire Rescue Services

​​*If you seek verbal testimonials from specific agencies we can often facilitate that depending on your specific affiliation. Please contact Dale on the “Contact page” for more details.