About Überfire


Überfire requires training and practice for maximum benefit in brutal inclement environments. The purpose of Überfire is to provide the user with a steady, robust, reality resistant flame. Überfire was designed for deployment by a skilled practitioner well versed in the fundamentals of fire craft. This is not a recreational product. Do not use indoors.


Remove lid. Assemble all stages of tinder and secondary fuels prior to ignition. Tease petroleum ball into an aerated fluff and ignite with a spark or flame. Allow approximately 2 minutes for complete combustion of product. Bring smaller tinder towards flame to dry. Build a carbon fuel structure around the flame to maximize the benefit of the heat generated by your Überfire. This process requires 100% concentration, attention and persistence for a successful fire. Progressively introduce larger fuels to the heat of Überfire. Repeat until complete combustion is realized. Do not break your rhythm or momentum. A young fire in inclement weather is extremely fragile. Heat, oxygen, fuel are your only concerns with a young fire. Fan, blow or bellow Überfire as often as needed. It is designed to burn hotter with turbulence once it is fully ignited (2 minutes).


There is a critical distinction between understanding and knowing. My 15-year-old daughter understands how to drive a car. She does not know how to drive a car. Unfortunately millions of outdoorsmen, L.E., military personnel, pilots and guides all over the world suffer the same delusion of competence. They understand how to survive but they do not know how to survive. The first step to surviving is acknowledging one’s own ignorance. This is a personal journey. Don’t look to a friend, a book, a club or a survival course. Get outside in your backyard during inclement weather and test what you understand. Then conduct after action reviews observing the distinction between what you understood and what you now know. Repeat forever.

Please take a moment to contemplate the distinction offered in the previous paragraph. We believe this mindset to be one of the best survival “tools” available. It’s not for sale, it cannot be given or issued and you are 100% in control of your ability to attain it. Understanding the distinction between understanding and knowing will be the heaviest thing you ever carry. Proficiency in anything (knowledge) comes with a tremendous burden in time, discipline and practice. Überfire is a unique supplement to your disciplined mind.

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Dale Fruit